We make bunkering personal

Who we are

Topoil AB is a leading Scandinavian supplier of marine oil products in Skagerrak, Kattegat and The Baltic Sea and in the ports of Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We take pride in making bunkering personal and in establishing and maintaining long term relationships with our customers. Customers’ expectations are what drives us to always do more and do better and to consider bunkering a business of people and solutions rather than just products and prices. This being said we do of course recognize the fact that customers focus on price as well as timely and safe deliveries. However, we have been in the business long enough (since 1962) to consider these points a given. This allows us to focus on adding more value for you as a customer by offering delivery of additional products such as lubricants, provisions, spare-parts, charts, and by servicing you and your ship crews in a personal and positive manner. We like what we do, and we want that to show by giving you a good experience every time you call on us for service.

In short: We care. About you. About each other. And about the environment. Topoil was among the first to establish the industry Green Bunkering, equipping our ships and training our crews to avoid and limit effects of oil spillage. Also, systems and routines are in place to constantly test, maintain and improve our equipment.

Topoil is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and our barges, ships and storage facilities are situated all along the Eastern seaboard of Denmark and the western seaboard of Sweden. This allows us to guarantee fast delivery and large volumes of fuel throughout the region. Whether you’re at sea or in port, we’re just a quick call away. It’s all about keeping you moving. In matters of urgency we even guarantee delivery within 12 hours.

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