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Whenever you need top quality marine oil products, both fuel and distillate, we deliver. On time. Every time.

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When you are sailing the waters of Scandinavia we have you covered. Both in ports and at sea. Anywhere.

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When your vessel calls for bunkers, we will answer. Fast, friendly. Year round. And round the clock. Anytime.

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Friendly, timely and safe delivery of bunkering services in the Topoil waters and ports of Sweden, Norway and Denmark

There’s much more to us than bunkering

We firmly believe in long term relationships, because they breed mutual positivity, stability and inspiration. Therefore, we consider bunkering a people’s business. Of course, you demand the right products at the right time and place. We’ve been around long enough to know that, and we’re experienced enough to have it covered. Which is why we constantly challenge ourselves and are driven to go the extra nautical mile for you. We are a trimmed and agile unit of close colleagues both ashore and at sea.

In short: We actually care. About you. About each other. And about the environment. Topoil was among the first to establish the industry Green Bunkering, equipping our ships and training our crews to avoid and limit effects of oil spillage. Also, systems and routines are in place to constantly test, maintain and improve our equipment.

Keeping you on the move is our primary concern. Doing it with a smile is our pride.